Isolation Technology & Features

An SGR Hi-Fi Equipment Rack is the ultimate embodiment of superior engineering and purposeful, stunning design. Many years of dedicated research and development have given us an insightful and powerful understanding of vibration isolation. Experience the stunning clarity of pure sound with the multi-layered energy absorption, resonance control and isolation solutions built into our hi-fi racks.

Energy Sink Isolation Pads

Our exquisite CNC milled and veneered Corian™ stone pads provide a durable resonance control surface for your audio equipment.

Constrained Layered Damping

Energy absorption is amplified with the platform’s extruded polymer mat sandwiched between precision routed wooden composite layers.

Purpose Made Silicon Isolators

Flawlessly fabricated viscoelastic silicon-based isolators seamlessly dissipate unwanted energy, while their adjustable placement allows for any offset centre of gravity in your prized audio equipment.

Precision Machined Cross-braces

Our advanced cross-bracing system provides an exceptionally stable and rigid support for each platform to rest upon while isolation pads further reduce vibration distortion through the posts.

Crushed Quartz-Filled Posts

Adding optimum weight and rigidity, our crushed quartz-filled posts dampen unwanted frequencies.

Stabilising Steel Feet

Our spikes and optional ball-race levellers provide exceptional levelling and minimise interference from floor surface vibrations.

Cable Management Hooks

Keep your cables separated and organised.