About Us

SGR Audio was brought to life through a love of sound and a fascination with its purest possible reproduction, free from extraneous noise and distortion. We are a uniquely progressive company, where forward thinking and futuristic vision are encouraged, and where perfection, precision and performance seamlessly converge.

The SGR Audio story

Our visionary design principles transcend technical limitations, empowering us to create high performing and flawlessly presented audio products for the most discerning listeners. Beginning as a boutique loudspeaker manufacturing company two decades ago, our interests have expanded over the years to include both active and passive loudspeakers and hi-fi equipment racks. Our energetic team, with its wealth of technical knowledge and industry experience, is skilfully overseen and confidently lead by one of the youngest CEOs in the high end audio industry, Stuart Ralston.

The evolution of SGR Hi-Fi Racks

Our equipment rack journey began in 2010 when a custom rack request from a client soon had us realising the need for more effective equipment stands with a less industrial appearance. Having already invested heavily in the manufacturing facilities for our loudspeaker division, we knew there was huge potential to expand our product range, and we delved wholeheartedly into this new venture.

With a passion for elegant and purposeful design, our aim was to find an uncompromised fusion of vibration isolation and visual appeal. After months of careful researching, simulating and prototyping various isolation and vibration damping technologies the original Signature Hi-Fi Rack was created, quickly growing in popularity to become one of our best selling products.

Eight years on, the range has expanded to incorporate six individually diverse and powerful audio racks at varying price points, and three remarkably expressive styles. Each model is an exceptional example of our innate ability to harmoniously blend customisable and striking design with innovative technology. Across this impressive range, we offer unparalleled ingenuity through our multi-layered isolation solutions, with options to suit any environment, so you can enjoy your listening experience with ultimate authenticity.

We look forward to designing and building a complete audio equipment placement solution that perfectly fulfils your listening needs.