Beautifully Crafted

For the last 20 years, SGR has invested heavily in machinery and equipment to create a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This enables almost all processes to be performed in-house, giving us the control over accuracy that our professionalism demands.

Movel V Statement hifi rack

Our entire product range is expertly designed, intelligently engineered and meticulously fabricated onsite in Melbourne, Australia, providing a higher level of excellence in performance and appearance. Our craft is the ultimate expression of the convergence of passion, precision and perfection.

We are a performance driven designers, where every decision and detail is focused on improvement and enhancement. Our high-tech Melbourne manufacturing facility is extensively and professionally equipped for in-house fabrication.

Precision CNC machining is impeccably performed to the highest level. We pride ourselves on consistent and exemplary production processes, ensuring the ultimate customer experience from design to unveiling.

We perfected our anodising process over three years to ensure a flawless, durable finish. We have a determined and tenacious attitude to research and development, and believe there is a solution for every problem.

SGR Audio is a uniquely progressive company, where forward thinking and futuristic vision are encouraged. Intelligently adaptive and purposeful design underpins our creative principles.

Our impeccable satin and high-gloss finishes are achieved through our purpose built spray painting facilities. We offer stunningly elegant finish options throughout our remarkably expressive range of styles.