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SGR Audio - Complete High-End Solutions

SGR Audio History

SGR Audio was born out of a love of music and a fascination with its purest possible reproduction, free from extraneous noise and distortion. Thus, the original goal was to transcend the technical limitations of the day in order to create market-leading loudspeakers for the most discerning listeners. The owner, Stuart Graeme Ralston began experimenting with speaker designs over 16 years ago, trialling many variants of cabinetry, drivers, crossover networks, and aesthetics in pursuit of the perfect loudspeaker. Today, SGR Audio is a prominent manufacturer of high-end audio equipment with a state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facility based in Melbourne, and a global distribution network which covers markets in Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Asia.

Our Products

SGR Audio offers a range of high-end audio equipment to create the complete solution for your music listening needs, including:

  • Active Loudspeakers
  • Equipment Rack
  • Digital source
  • Cabling

Our Beliefs

Active Speaker Systems

SGR Audio is a strong advocate for active loudspeaker technology. An active loudspeaker system utilises separate amplifiers for each driver, or group of drivers, assigned to a particular frequency range (low, mid, hi, etc). The full range musical signal is divided into these separate frequency ranges before the amplification stage, i.e. at line level. The result is the most optimal union between each driver and its respective amplifier with a multitude of technical advantages that passive loudspeakers could only dream about and a lifelike sound which is uniquely independent of playback level.

Engineering Excellence

SGR Audio utilises cutting-edge materials and technology to create truly world class products which not only push the boundaries of audio reproduction but are also designed to stand the test of time. We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art CNC and electronic assembly machinery, as well as the best acoustic test equipment & software to guarantee the highest degrees of precision and accuracy in every single product.

Exemplary Customer Service

SGR Audio is exceptionally proud of the quality service delivered to all of our distribution partners. Our sales support staff will always strive to exceed expectations in supporting our distributors throughout the sales life-cycle; providing guidance on pre-sales, demonstrations, full installation/optimisation, as well as sales brochures and product guides. Furthermore, we will release timely updates post sales to support upgrade paths and facilitate conversations.


SGR Audio is owned and run by Stuart Ralston, an experienced designer of high-end audio equipment. Stuart is supported by a highly talented team with a combined 50 years of industry experience.

Find out more about our team:

Stuart Graeme Ralston - Owner and Lead Designer

Stuart's fascination with design and manufacturing began at a very young age, pulling apart various household items in order to examine how they work at the age of 5 and taking up his first paid job at age 15 assembling circuit boards. Within months he moved into the design department, where he never looked back. After completing a degree in Digital Systems from Monash University, Stuart set out to create the perfect loudspeaker, initially as a hobby but later culminating in the birth of SGR Audio.

Micahil Barabaz - Loudspeaker Engineer

Michail is the owner of Lorantz Audio Services which was established in 1975. Michail is an expert in speaker design and manufacturing with many years of operating experience and industry recognition. In 1995 Hazel and Michail Barabasz of Lorantz were awarded the "Service to the Industry Award" by the Melbourne division of the Audio Engineering Society for the development and manufacture of loudspeaker technology of the highest quality for a period of over 30 years. For the last 10 years, Stuart and Michail have been refining the SGR Audio driver designs, and every driver in our flagship model is hand made by Michail personally.

Belinda Walsh - Marketing Director

Belinda began her career with the SGR Audio business in book-keeping, later expanding her involvement by drawing upon her technical expertise to build and manage the current SGR Audio website. Belinda also manages the various behind the scenes business operations for SGR Audio, including IT systems and event organisation. She holds a software engineering degree from the University of Melbourne and has professional experience in developing small to medium business enterprises.

Aditya Caprihan - Lead Software Engineer

Aditya has been leading SGR Audio's software efforts and providing software related technical guidance since 2010. He is an expert in his field and has a true passion for elegant software design, which has earned him the nickname "the oracle".
Aditya began programming at just 9 years old, and continued with it throughout all his schooling before finally breezing through his software engineering degree at the University of Melbourne. Before SGR, Aditya has worked as an independent consultant and also in the emergency communications industry where his software is still used in many products worldwide.

Albert Nguyen - Industrial Designer

Albert has a background in industrial design, and is currently finishing his honours year in Industrial Design at Monash University. He leads the design of the latest generation of our product range, and brings with him a wealth of creativity and design experience from his previous position at GM Holden design. Albert draws inspiration from everyday objects, both man-made and natural, and his passion for everything automotive. Inspired to draw from the age of 3, he scored his first displayed exhibition piece at age 9 for a pencil drawing called 'Easter Bunny' then won his first design competition with a sustainable house proposal before he finished high school.

  • Work on the first SGR Audio prototypes started in early 2001
  • SGR Audio was a start-up that began as a sole trading entity on the 1st of July 2003
  • SGR Audio P/L was incorporated as an Australian Private Company on the 26th of March 2006
  • The company greatly expanded at the start of 2010 with the introduction of a state of the art R&D and production facility combined with a heavy investment in CNC machinery
  • We have over 50 years combined experience in the audio industry